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The U.S. Army could be the DoD Broker for Professional Assistance. Consequently the Veterinary Corps supplies the Military, Airforce, Navy and Marines with professional company. Veterinary Corps Official responsibilities can be found in international and the USA. Projects think about the wishes of the applicant, the applicant’s Attention Grabber instruction and knowledge, and also the needs of the Military. Preliminary assignments are usually to mounted military services within the continental Usa. In these roles, fresh representatives perform a number of supervisory and veterinary responsibilities in support of the local installation. Most new officers will provide medical professional companies, supervise a food defense method, perform sanitary audits of production facilities, and monitor military and civilian workers. Followon tasks may include offshore installations, veterinary field units. Veterinary Corps officers may offer as veterinary team officers and education authorities, unit commanders, or area or division chiefs.

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Geograhic Chances Contain: All the Usa Alaska, Hawaii Indonesia Spain and the Uk Bulgaria, Bahrain Arabia, and also the Sinai China Thailand, and Guam Medical Services Section, Human Resources Demand, makes assignments. More probable tasks. For standard issues regarding service inside the Army Veterinary Corps, contact the Workplace of the Primary by e mail or call 210-221-8149. Privacy & Security Notice External Links Disclaimer Disclaimer: Web Site Medical Information Posting Constraints Availability/Section 508 Web Accessibility

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Last Revised 04/11/2006 This internet site offers an introduction towards the U.S. Army Medical Office’s headquarters agencies, that are Any Office of the Military Surgeon General and U.S. Army Medical Command headquarters. It’s designed for involved members of news media, the general public and Military Medical Department beneficiaries.

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